Live Results for AxWare

Does it matter? It's FREE. Um, and Open Source!

We're making our Live Results for AxWare free and open source.

Realtime Updates

As much as AxWare will let us

It is as realtime and instant as AxWare will let it be.  You can configure AxWare to save your data every N runs.  When the software saves its data, we instantly update you.

All Results, One Place

This isn't the 1990's results

All results are instantly updated; Class Standings, Overall Rankings and PAX (Index) Rankings.  No refreshing, no silly HTML report page to save, just good ol’ fashioned instant updates.

Not Just Results

Stop killing our precious trees

We don’t just display results in your typical print out fashion.  You get TTOD with some other stats like “Got Practice” and “Lost in the Woods”, Quick Car Search, Driver Details screen and Last 20 Runs.

Did we mention it's Free?

Not only is it Free, it is open source.  Want to modify it to suit your club, change styles or just tweak it ’cause you want to.  You can.  We are as passionate about software as we are about feeling those G’s going around those turns.

We live in an awesome modern age.  While you are still using 1990’s software, you can at least look like you don’t to your loyal club members.

Actual Live Results

We don’t just copy a file somewhere and make the user refresh.  This is modern age sockets.  Just sit back and watch your screen update all by itself.

Runs On Anything

Just in case you need to, you can install Live Results on Windows XP, Vista, 7 and 8 or OSX or even Linux flavors.  

Local WiFi

Setup a WiFi access point so anyone at your event with a smartphone can access results.  I originally built Live Results simply so I can sit in my car after a run and see how everyone else is doing.

Live Results for AxWare Demo