Race Management with Live Results

Bring the latest technology to your next event

Our Autocross Race Management software blows everything else off the course. Sophisticated, easy, intuitive and modern.

AXti.me RM iOS App

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Connected and Instant

The system updates all screens with new data instantly. Timing data, results, cones, everything is instant. No matter if you are using a laptop, tablet or smartphone.

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Empower your workers

You already assign worker roles, why not make it incredibly easy for them to do their job.   No more over stressed bottleneck for the Time Keeper. 

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Tight integration with MotorSportReg.com.  Just a couple of clicks and your event’s registration data is in the system and ready for driver checkin.

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Install Once

No need to install on multiple machines

Install it once and you access the entire system through a modern web browser from as many modern devices as you like.

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Easy to Use

Intuitive with fat-finger friendly buttons

With the other software, only a handful of people seem to have to run an event’s software.  AXti.me RM makes it so easy that even AX newbies can take on any role.  All screens have easy to read text and big buttons.

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Modern Platform

Lightweight and super fast

We built AXti.me RM Autocross race management on a very lightweight and modern platform that will install easily on any Windows, OSX or Linux laptop / desktop.  Lightweight enough to install on those Windows XP laptops.  

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No more mysterious data missing

We rather you spend time on your cars than dealing with buggy software.  Get it up and running and it just works.

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iOS Car Queuer

Our companion iOS app

Forget about tricky and expensive RFIDs.  Forget about expensive unreliable barcode scanners.  Use our iOS app for adding cars to the queue simply and easily.

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Want to try a demo version?

We have an online demo complete with all features. Nothing to install. Contact us now for username and password.

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AXti.me RM takes Autocross event, season and results management to the next level. Other products are filled with lots of features most AX chairs don’t ever use or need. We’ve designed AXti.me RM to first, be extremely intuitive and simple to use. The idea of any participant worker can easily take on any role, whether it be Timer Keeper, Car Queuer, Cone Counter, Registration, etc. We wanted to eliminate the need for only an experienced few to be able to operate the software.

We even made it super easy to import your MotorSportReg.com registration list with only 2 clicks.

AXti.me RM works with Race America, JA Circuits and Farmtek timing systems.