Wireless and Networking Hardware

Event Size Recommendations



Up to 30 Drivers
  • Wireless Router with DDWRT
  • 1 x Access Point (optional)


Less than 60 Drivers
  • Wireless Router with DDWRT
  • 1 x Access Point
  • POE Switch (optional)


More than 60 Drivers
  • Wireless Router with DDWRT
  • 2 x Access Points
  • POE Switch


These are all inexpensive, consumer grade devices! ~$300!

1 x wireless router with custom firmware (DD-WRT)
2 x PoE wireless access points
1 x PoE enabled switch
2 x 300ft. CAT 5e network cables
2 x tripods

Why do we have all this?

For events with more than 30 drivers, we have a wireless router and at least one access point so we can isolate a network for the system connected devices.  If everyone at your event was accessing Live Results at the same time, you don’t want your Car Queuer and Cone Counter affected by the load of drivers looking at results. We also setup our “admin” WiFi network to have a password, while the results one is open.


The wireless router with a custom firmware allows us to better utilize the hardware while also providing key features that most wireless routers do not provide. For example, when drivers connect to the WiFi at the event, they can type in lr.axti.me to access Live Results. Simple. Without the custom firmware, they would need to type in an IP address. Not so simple.


Use only one cable to the device, no power cord required

These have good range and reliability. They also allow a single network cable to be connected to the device, no power adapter required!

Having 2 access points and the wireless router (configured properly) provides plenty of connectivity and bandwidth. The 2 access points are used for drivers to access Live Results, while the wireless router provides isolated access for event administration and timing roles.


To get power to the access points, you need a certain kind of switch, PoE (Power over Ethernet). This one provides 4 ports for PoE and 4 non-PoE ports.